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Kelsey B.

We had an AMAZING time and I am so thankful for you! This was our first trip and honestly, I was really overwhelmed at the thought of planning a trip. I didn't even know what a Fast Pass was...and 6 month dining reservations?? What?? Very intimidating! LOL. You saved us hours of researching, planning, and booking. My family is very grateful we had you to help make our vacation seamless.

I am Type A all the way so when I saw the laminated itinerary you made for us I literally hugged it and jumped up and down in delight. :) There were SO many helpful tips on there and we relied on it the entire trip. We had lots of people ask about it while we were at the parks. Even my husband who is the OPPOSITE of Type A was impressed and agreed that it was a lifesaver. He is a "go with the flow" type of guy and was worried about being tied down to a schedule, but once we got there he realized that having a plan is definitely the way to go at Disney World. Especially with young children. So, THANK YOU!!!